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How to Sell More Tickets at Events!

Nashville’s Event Marketing Experts

Make your event a FINANCIAL success with our Event Marketing Solutions. We can help you cut your advertising costs while still getting more sponsors, more vendors, and most importantly, MORE PEOPLE, to your event.

Nashville Event Marketing

Get More People to your Events and Sell More Tickets – Critical Keys to Growth and Revenue

Our average client triples revenues using our event ticketing and marketing optimization services. Maximize your ROI, boost attendance and improve the attendee experience so they come back year after year! Best of all, and most critically- you finally will own your data.

If you are using Eventbrite or another online ticketing solution – you’re losing massive amounts of revenue – and worse, you are paying them to advertise your competitors! Call us and learn how we can explode your ticket sales while improving your event experience.

Using Email to Market Events, Fairs and Festivals

Email Marketing for Events: A critical communication tool and potentially your most valuable asset

A key component to any successful event is building your own marketing machine. That means that you own the systems and processes that drive fans, attendees and event goers to your event. Why should a festival or fair spend thousands of dollars in advertising, only to repeat the process year after year? Media such as print publications, radio and television can be important partners – not just a black hole where you pour your money year after year.

Central to this strategy for successful event marketing is to begin building your own email list. Fortunately, we have experience in this. We have designed and executed event marketing and email strategies for some of Tennessee’s biggest events and festivals, such as the Nashville Oktoberfest. In only two years, we have more than tripled event attendance, while simultaneously reducing the advertising budget. Click here for more information on our email marketing services, which include automation, list cleaning and verification, and email deliverability consulting.

Sell More Tickets at Events

Digital Tickets & Mobile Ticketing: Using technology to boosts sales and attendance

Sell your own digital tickets to your events, plus avoid ticketing fees that can destroy sales. Online ticket companies claim their services are free, but they pass the costs to your customers. This can be disastrous to your attendance and sales, and destroy months of hard work! Worst, you will not know why potential visitors didn’t convert!

Take charge of the process with our mobile and digital ticketing solutions. Our online ticket technology allows a purchase experience that you completely control – where your customer never  leaves your site and the entire process is branded to your business. Why advertise your event, only to send the traffic to another website? Our systems are fully customizable to the needs of your buyers and we’ll take your sales to the next level. Whether paper ticketing, mobile or digital tickets, or just tickets via email. We do it all…and better than anyone else.

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