Uber Johnson City TN

Is there Uber in Johnson City? Does Johnson City have Uber?

Uber has officially arrived in Johnson City!

Two days ago, Uber announced they had launched their ride-sharing service in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee. Uber is now operating in all three cities: Johnson City, Kingsport and Bristol, TN.

Initial reports were that Uber would only service Johnson City, drawing on students from ETSU and the bar and restaurant area of downtown. However, the official launch page for Uber now states that ride are available throughout the Tri-Cities, and that people may order a ride with the Uber app in Bristol and Kingsport, in addition to Johnson City.

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Drive for Uber – Johnson City TN

How can I sign up to be an Uber Driver?  How to drive for Uber or UberX in Johnson City?

First, you will need to sign up as an Uber Rider by creating your initial account. Then, you can convert this account to a Driver Account. You will need to submit your documentation that you live and reside in Johnson City (or Bristol/Kingsport), usually your Driver’s License can meet this requirement. Your ID will need to be uploaded via the Uber website, plus a copy of your insurance documentation for your car. The next step is to pass a background check, as required both by Uber policy and Tennessee driving laws. Following submission of your Uber Driver paperwork, typically you will have to wait 24-48 hours before receiving confirmation of your driver status. Once this paperwork is submitted and verified, you are ready to Drive for Uber!

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Is Uber in Johnson City, Tennessee?
YES!  Here is the Uber Ride Map for the Tri-Cities, TN: