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As a small business, looking for an SEO Agency in Nashville, you found our website through search engine optimization (SEO). Music City is Tennessee’s largest and most important city, and Nashville SEO Expert is one of the hardest words to rank in the South.  If we can rank highly for this difficult keyword – just think what we could do for your business.

If you are looking for ways to get your website found on Google, we can help.  We are the best SEO Firm that you will find. But we are much more than a search engine optimization company. We are a full-service search marketing firm.

Let us help you the same way we have helped dozens of businesses in Tennessee. We are the top Search Marketing firm in Middle Tennessee and the entire South.


It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or large business, we have search optimization packages that work with any budget. What separates us from our competitors? Our results. Our clients compete in some of the most difficult niches online. But the results and our clients’ rankings speak for themselves.

Remember: Fixing and improving your Nashville SEO is an investment, not an expense. Correct optimization of your website, pages, and keywords will do more for your traffic than any advertising ever can. Contact our company now to learn how our SEO services can help your business grow. A short consultation to learn your specific SEO needs is free!


We developed and use a phased workflow for improving search optimization on websites:

Competitive Analysis
Knowing what makes your competitors show up high in the search engines is vital to gain a competitive advantage and rank higher. Our Competitive Analysis helps to hone our strategy and further refine the areas most important to optimize first.

Rank Tracking
A key priority is to first establish a baseline, from which we can assess and compare the results of our SEO efforts. To do this, we measure the current rank of important keywords in the major search engines. Once the baseline performance of your site is documented, our rank tracker will update regularly to track success. This initial overview of the the keyword rank of your website (and of your competitors) is an essential gauge in the process.

On Page Analysis
Page Titles – Do they have appropriate keywords in them?
Main Keywords- Do you have slight variations within your text at least once?
Linking Structure – Is the technical link structure set up properly?
Page Layout – What is the look and feel of your website? Does it flow?

Off-Page Factors
Site Links & Citations – Do many websites link to your site?
Link Authority – Does Google think the sites linking to you are important?
Topical Relevancy – Are linking sites relevant to you, your website business & location?
Anchor Text – What text is used on the sites linking to you?

Premium PDF Reports
It can be useful to have your SEO analysis available in printed form- not just as an online report. For example, because you want discuss the analysis with your colleagues or manager, or because you want to have a paper copy. That is why we provide the opportunity to generate unlimited amount of PDF reports with a SEO analysis of your website.

On-Page Recommendations
Up to 500 webpages are analyzed individually for optimization issues that affect single pages. Each webpage is checked for issues regarding Page subject optimization; Search Engine crawlability and HTML compatibility.

Website Structure Recommendations
The structure of your website tells the search engines which pages on your website are the most important. The website structure is checked for issues regarding Internal linking and URL optimization.

Technical Recommendations
A technically sound website is favored in the search engines. Additionally, a well-functioning website increases the chance your visitors will convert. We check for issues regarding pagespeed optimization and general website configuration.

Social Media Tracking & Recommendations
Social media is becoming increasingly more important and integrated into search engines. Time and time again it proves to be a great traffic source and central part of reputation management. Rush Hour  measures your performance on these websites and delivers concrete opportunities.

Link Building Tracking & Recommendations
All links that point to your website are sorted by website type and PageRank. This allows you to quickly see if you have a healthy link profile. In order to obtain new backlinks, we suggest new backlink opportunities that take into account the subject of your website, your company type and location.

Most so-called ‘SEO Consultants’ do a poor job of this.

Why? Because it is hard work, and takes time. But that is good news for us and for you! We’ll optimize every page of your website to increase visibility on Google search and attract more visitors to your website.






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