Website Design Process

We do more than just build pretty websites!

We focus on conversion in the design process. The most important thing we can do to help you is make sure the pages on the site get your visitor to take the action you want: whether that is calling you on the phone, filling out a quote form, or placing an order.


In order to create the right site for you we have to find out what you are all about. We need to know more about your business, who your target audience is, and what is your ultimate goal for the online presence.

Once we know the site’s goals, we can define the scope of the project. I.e., what pages and features the site requires to fulfill the goals.


Managing your keywords and key-phrases is essential for the success and growth of any website. Search engines are becoming more and more clever, so should your content strategies. That is why we put a huge emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A strong SEO infrastructure drives traffic to your site so our design process focuses on designing websites around SEO.


Before jumping into the design phase we will need to do an in-depth review of the website content. If you aren’t sire what you need then any non-web content such as brochures, business cards or flyers is a good place to start. For an existing site we need to take an audit of existing content, what works, whats important, whats not then make a plan for producing new content.

Creating a SITE MAP will define the website’s information architecture and explains the relationships between the various pages and content elements.


Finally, it’s time to create the visual style for the site. This part of the creation process is often shaped by existing branding elements such as colors and your logo.


Beautiful images are play a significant role in web design and create a professional look and feel, while also communicating a message and help build trust.

Visual content is known to increase clicks, engagement, and revenue. But more than that, people want to see images on a website. Not only do images make a page feel less cumbersome and easier to digest, but they also enhance the message in the text, and can even convey vital messages without people even needing to read.

We recommend using a professional photographer to get the images right. But we also have access to premium stock footage to fill any gaps to get the process moving in a timely fashion.

Responsive Design

You may have heard the term before. Today more and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the web. Depending on your business the majority of your traffic may even come from smartphones over desktop computers. Responsive Design simply means your site will look great whether it is viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

We love creating beautiful pages that look great on big screens but we pay extra attention to mobile devices more than ever.


It’s time for everyone’s favorite part! After everything has been thoroughly tested, and you’re happy with the site, it’s time to launch.

However,  it’s nowhere near the end of the job. The beauty of the web is that it’s never truly finished. The web is constantly changing and that goes for search algorithms as much as anything else. Once the site goes live, we will continue to run user testing, add new fresh content and features, monitor analytics, and refine your messaging.


Website maintenance is important for the long-term health and success of a website, as well as a source of potential recurring revenue.

Just like owning a car or house, a website will need upkeep and maintenance. When we build and host your site we offer a premium maintenance and web care support platform that includes everything from daily backups to keeping all backend software up to date.

Read all about our Web Maintenance Services here…


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